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Hello. I'm currently a Computer Science major at Rutgers University. I've loved programming since I built my first computer in High School, and am just really excited to get into it as my career!

Currently I'm a sophomore (graduating next spring, though) in college, so the only languages I'm really familiar with at the moment are Python, HTML, CSS, Java and C. All of my computers are running some form of Linux (best OS) - Debian on my laptop and desktop, Raspbian on both of my raspberry pi's, and Fedora as a secondary OS on my desktop. As I mentioned earlier, my desktop is custom built. Originally it was built for gaming, but it's turned into a developer system.

Another aspect of my life that has been a heavy influence on me is my disability. And no it's not anything mental (I get that question just about everytime I explain this). The disability is called Charcot-Marie Tooth Disease and it basically destroys my feet. I've always been really bad at explaining it, so I'd suggest a quick google search if you want to learn more. But to explain how it affected me, I've had 7 surgeries(5 on my feet and 2 on my back for scoliosis which happens to come with it :sadface:) throughout high school to prevent losing my ability to walk entirely. Even after all the work I've had done on my feet, they still get worse every day and I have to rely on leg braces just to be able to walk outside of the confines of my home.

Now that I've made it through those surgeries, I really just want to do work. Getting through high school with 7 surgeries made me tremendously stronger as a person, and now I'm left with a huge drive to get work done.


Screenshot of code used in project

PyRatNews is intended to be an application that checks a given article for credibility. It checks the domain name, how many citations are given in the article, and track record of the author and publisher.

This was by far the most enjoyable project I've worked on thus far. The project was created at Philly Codefest 2017 with myself and 3 other students, 2 of whom I've never met before. I personally worked on the web scraping - getting the domain name, finding the author and finding any citations in the article. The final product unfortunately doesn't work at the moment, but it was a pleasure to work on and I'm looking forward to my next hackathon!

My contributions to this project were written in Python 3 using the Beautiful Soup 4 and Newspaper libraries.

This bot manages the roles on a Discord Server. For those who don't know, Discord is an app that allows people from all over the world to talk with eachother either through voice or text chats. This bot scans the text channels on a discord server for certain messages, and acts on those messages accordingly. For instance, the '!member' command gives the message sender the 'member' role on the server they sent the message in, if they meet certain criteria.

I actually learned a ton from the creation of this bot, it's really the first project I've worked on where I dove deep into api documentation, so I attribute my doc-reading skills to this project alone. Not only did I have to learn how to read the docs, but I also had my first exposure to coroutines.

This project was made in Python 3 using the API and the Cassiopeia Riot Games API.

Screenshot of code used in project
Screenshot of custom made Pong game

I imagine you know what Pong is, but in case you don't, here's a brief explanation:

Pong is a simple game where 2 players take control of a paddle and have the goal of scoring a ball into the opposing players goal. The winner is whoever has the most points at the end of the game.

This was essentially my first big project. It's the first project I made that surpassed 100 lines *claps*. Being my first "big" project, this was definitely the project that I learned the most from. Unfortunately I made this project before I understood object oriented programming and at a point where I was unaware that I could just draw rectangles on the screen, so it definitely isn't the best work I've ever done. But it was my first project and I'll be revisiting it soon.

This was written in Python 3 using the PyGame library.

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